Treating the Patient...not the problem

October 26, 2015

Paul Kapsar APRN is an experienced family nurse practitioner. 

Change Change Change ----- SilverArc APN is in the middle of another fantastic change in focus and location. We will not be accepting new patents until after the first of the year in 2016. I know this may be an inconvenience but it will prove to be beneficial to all of us. 

Phone is 702 575 2173


 We have a network of providers for massage, cranio-sacral therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, AquaStretch (™), physical medicine, physical therapy, and counseling/coaching. 

Pain is frequently problematic for all of us. The standard response all of us have is "I don't like or want pain." The commercials we watch all tell us we don't "DESERVE" to have pain and we should go to the store and by this or that product. More recently any level of pain requires or deserves an opiate (or narcotic) based pain medication. 

 Sadly opiate pain medications eventually make your pain worse, not to mention the effect on your brain power.  SilverArc APN is now requiring AquaStretch(™) and massage therapy be explored fully for pain before prescribing opiate medication.   

If you would like to arrange for massage, crania-sacral therapy,

or an AquaStretch(™) session 

please call 702 - 436-7707

We are also available on a trial basis for all patients by visiting the Point Nurse website (you must be a Nevada resident) for my telehealth profile.  Point Nurse allows us to connect by video to meet your health needs. If our trial is found to be beneficial telehealth will be an integral part of this site and our practice.  You must register with Point Nurse and there is a fee for individual calls with yearly subscriptions available. 

For copies of records fax your request to our new number 

702 369 0184 


If you have an alcohol or drug addiction problem I reccomend 

Recommended inpatient treatment location 

Addiction and Pain Recovery

Las Vegas Recovery Center 

3371 N Buffalo Road Las Vegas NV 89119 

1 (888) 538 3729

Please inquire about their fantastic Family Renewal Program to assist your family in rebuilding from the challenges generated by addiction in the family


 Start Fresh Recovery, Las Vegas 

provides a long term medication assisted 

Alcohol Recovery  

501 S Rancho Drive Las Vegas NV 89106 

702 919 0000 


For your consulting and education needs 

see our consulting site

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